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after a night full of fail, a day full of win

Went forth today to refill prescription, send phone to Sanyo, and maybe take care of other business before returning home to Mom with requested bananas & veg. Got prescription refilled (Metformin is now on WalMart's $4 list, much money saved, Sam Walton akbar!), got SunTrust debit card in the mail, and collected trackball at MicroCenter before returning to the ancestral digs with fruit & vegetable matter. Didn't send off phone to Sanyo since Sprint won't do that, but I got the lowdown from Sanyo and phone will be leaving for Texas via UPS or FedEx as soon as I get the necessary papers.

Meanwhile, since new trackball is t3h s3x, I'm going to kill some rats, mine some rocks...ah, who am I kidding? I'm going to kill a buttload of rats and loot their corpses! Weehu!
Tags: domestic stuff, eve
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