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Last day of the assignment here at Strayer, and it started with about 90 minutes of bulk filing and document sorting. Beats sitting around staring at the Interwebs. I see that the job listings on the local accountemps.com board are pretty full of things I can do, so hopefully the staffers will be able to get me going on something bright and early Monday, preferably something that has me working 40 hours a week at a decent wage ($16+) since I'd like to start putting money away for an apartment deposit, oil change, Detour, etc.

Went to see my friend Mr. B last night after work. He's been afflicted with a number of infections including cellulitis along with his ongoing fluid retention problems, and is currently in a Laurel nursing facility. TBQH, he looks much worse than I do, but then again he's a lot more sick than I am. Hopefully he'll be over all the bacterial annoyances and back home soon. This is the stage of our lives when our bodies repay us for the abuses and negligence of our youth, although that doesn't explain the unfortunate infliction of a brain tumor on Roadkill. I feel vaguely bad about this, although he and I weren't exactly friends; in fact, I think he'd guilted me by association with thaadd and was more than a little rude to me the last time we spoke. Well, w/e; we all make mistakes and I certainly bear him no ill will for it. Quite the contrary - I hope he gets better soon and coninues to do awesome things at Convergence for many years.

Tonight P and I go forth to MicroCenter in Vienna to buy RAM (her) and a trackball (me) and possibly even a hard drive with which to upgrade Cowzilla. The actual upgrade will happen at a time & place TBD; right now we're just getting the materials together. Mail call, prescription refills, a late dinner and natter will probably ensue as well.
Tags: convergence, family drama, friends, tech stuff, work
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