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Tools to build a universe

This is the coolest thing i've seen on the Internet in quite a while. It's also pretty mind-blowing, since it shows all the data for all the worlds described in the Traveller universe...and for me, at least, it just doesn't sink in how big that universe is, what with the Aslan and Solomani and Third Imperium and Zhodani and Vargr and Hivers and K'kree, until you see it all laid out like this. For the first time, I think I've gotten my head around the concept of the Beyond as described in Jack Vance's books about the Oikumene (the Demon Princes series, etc.) because as long as you have a starship and supplies, you can just keep going out...and out...and out. There's always stars out there that no man has visited, and probably none of the other intelligent races either. Woof.

It certainly puts my relatively tiny corner of things - the part of the galaxy near Terra - into perspective. I'm only trying to get a handle on a dozen inhabited worlds and twice that number of outposts, "colonies in a can". On the scale of this map, you'd lose that in the background noise.
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