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looking into wells, enjoying not being sick

Via GVDL, the extremely interesting House of Eratosthenes, especially notable for the Things I Know page.

Who the hell is Kathy Griffin and why should I care what she thinks? (GVDL)

I thought briefly about picking up another Z-pack last night at the Wal-mart but decided against it. My fever is pretty much gone, I'm sleeping longer at night, and I think my diaphragm is done conspiring against me. Not that I intend to return to my Falstaffian habits at the trencher by any means, mind you, but it will be nice to eat an entire plate of food without worrying that I'm going to hurl.

This is also cool. Unfortunately GVDL doesn't have permalinks on his "Edge Notes" section.
Tags: linkagery, medical stuff
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