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in the summertime under the blackened sky

Well, between the z-pack and the Mucinex I think this infection is pretty much whipped, and after tweaking the settings on the nose hose, I'm getting some lovely big chunks of sleep as well. So despite the occasional deathly pallor on my face, I am actually getting better and may soon be able to resume inflicting myself on my friends in person as opposed to e-mail, LJ, etc.

P and I went to Cheng's last night for soup and appetizers, and I would up ordering the pork fried rice as well. Half of that went home with me and was devoured in a fit of he raving munchies at 0330. P's a little worn down by all the overtime, and RS' proscription on it during the week he's gone actually sounds like a good idea to me. Better safe than sorry, especially where a G-Wagen is concerned.

Been finding copies and pieces of old games I'd left here years ago. I am appalled to see that for some reason I thought it was a good idea to get two copies of MechWar 77 and a copy of Cityfight, which was a concept better suited to the advent of today's PCs. On the other hand, it's nice to find most of my War Between The States pieces, maps, charts and rules. That game would be so good on the PC using the Civ3 engine, which has so many features adaptable to a WBTS remake.

Yes, I finally got the laundry done. Booya.
Tags: family drama, medical stuff, wargames
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