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stupid stupid wombat creature!

Most of yesterday's exercise went okay; it didn't really come off the rails until about 6 PM when I was shopping in the Harris Teeter and got hit with the triple whammy of sugar crash, dehydration, and Mucinex backlash. This made a routine shopping trip fairly hellish and I really appreciate the staff there for being the helpful people they were. Anyway, I got the food home, into the house and then just collapsed into a chair as I tried to sort out which problem to deal with first...eventually got fed, hydrated, drugged and into bed, though I got up a few hours later for midnight Mass. Obviously, no laundry.

Been seeing bits and pieces of movies on Mom's dish: Aeon Flux and In The Line of Fire were both good, and I'll have to see the first parts of both sometime. Big Trouble looked okay, but Stanley Tucci playing an asshole gets old quickly.

Okay, enough stalling. Downstairs to the laundry.
Tags: domestic stuff, movies
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