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wednesday at the office park

I slept in fits and starts last night, with one fairly solid chunk of sleep from 0300-0800. It probably would have been better, but I was trying to wean myself off the NyQuils and also stupidly tried to go with the nose hose, which immediately induced Hideous Neck Pain Agony. So I went downstairs, had a large glass of milk and a handful of painkillers, and sat through the EWTN Midnight Mass. It was a little irritating since they say the Latin Low Mass, and I don't know all the responses. :(

Part of my problem, now that I'm able to think a little more clearly, is that my stomach seems to have shrunk while I've been fighting the damn virus. This means I don't eat that much at any particular meal any more (standard breakfast these days = tea, 2 slices buttered toast, banana, and 6 oz. low-fat yogurt), and 4-5 hours later when I start sweating I can't tell whether it's low blood sugar or fever. Maybe I need to keep some protein bars around the place for between-meal snacks.

Wasted half an hour of my life watching the HALO 3 rollout party on G4. The number of people to be sent to the Arctic death camps when I become Supreme Warlord has jumped by a couple of dozen. Yes, it was that bad. I learned absolutely nothing about the game that I han't read on Wikipedia. General consensus among reviewers is that the game itself is a dog, but all the deathmatch improvements are awesome. What say, stuckintraffik?

Other HALO-related stuff: Joe Staten is working on HALO: Contact Harvest, which looks good; this, on the other hand, sounds like crap. Did Brian Nylund get burned out or something?
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