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wednesday at the office park

I slept in fits and starts last night, with one fairly solid chunk of sleep from 0300-0800. It probably would have been better, but I was trying to wean myself off the NyQuils and also stupidly tried to go with the nose hose, which immediately induced Hideous Neck Pain Agony. So I went downstairs, had a large glass of milk and a handful of painkillers, and sat through the EWTN Midnight Mass. It was a little irritating since they say the Latin Low Mass, and I don't know all the responses. :(

Part of my problem, now that I'm able to think a little more clearly, is that my stomach seems to have shrunk while I've been fighting the damn virus. This means I don't eat that much at any particular meal any more (standard breakfast these days = tea, 2 slices buttered toast, banana, and 6 oz. low-fat yogurt), and 4-5 hours later when I start sweating I can't tell whether it's low blood sugar or fever. Maybe I need to keep some protein bars around the place for between-meal snacks.

Wasted half an hour of my life watching the HALO 3 rollout party on G4. The number of people to be sent to the Arctic death camps when I become Supreme Warlord has jumped by a couple of dozen. Yes, it was that bad. I learned absolutely nothing about the game that I han't read on Wikipedia. General consensus among reviewers is that the game itself is a dog, but all the deathmatch improvements are awesome. What say, stuckintraffik?

Other HALO-related stuff: Joe Staten is working on HALO: Contact Harvest, which looks good; this, on the other hand, sounds like crap. Did Brian Nylund get burned out or something?


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Sep. 27th, 2007 01:54 pm (UTC)
Well, I've only played a little of the first-person campaign, just the first level really. Very pretty, and I really like the updated soundbytes from the grunts. However...

...Online is king. I've played four matches so far (won three, got schooled in one) and even though I've almost exclusively been on the same map I'm really loving it. The last one I was facing these two people and got tricked bad - one ducked through a shield wall and I followed close enough afterward to find the grenade she'd thoughtfully left for me. It was hi-larious. (Actually, it really was, we all cracked up.)

I'll have more thoughts on single player as we go through, but really, I think the true appeal of Halo has always been the giant multiplayer battles which never go quite the way you expect. (I refer you to Scott's cry of "NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo...!") They're the reason Halo, Gears of War, and Rainbow Six make the big bucks - they're just that good.
Sep. 27th, 2007 07:52 pm (UTC)
Ha ha, yes, I remember those games well! TBQH, even at the times I had an XBox and a copy of HALO2 to myself it just wasn't all that interesting for me since I'm not a very good player and so the social aspects are more than half the value in my eyes. I am very interested in seeing how the HALO WARS RTS game performs when it comes out.
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