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some slow improvement

I had hoped to get up this morning, clean up, eat breakfast, and make it over to RFK for the last Nationals game there, but it just wasn't on. I've spent most of the day either laying around in a semi-catatonic state or reading Hackers. This is likely to continue, since as much as I thought the fresh air was good for me yesterday, I think it may actually have prolonged matters.

Good news/bad news: Got a refund check from the vein specialist I was seeing, and a notice from MN Revenue that they're going to garnish my wages to collect the $1100 the Campaign Finance Board thinks I owe them. Guess I'll be seeing them in court over that, which means I'll be returning to the Twin Towns of Terror sooner than I planned. Everybody wants my damn money. >:(
Tags: domestic stuff, medical stuff
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