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Most of you who read this LJ could probably care less...

...but for the handful of you who actually read my posts about EVE, the reason I haven't had any of those up in a while is pretty simple: Haven't been playing. Apparently none of the stores around here carry the Kensington Orbit trackball, which I need to play EVE on Cowzilla since trying to play the game with the touchpad doesn't work very well. Believe me, I've tried. Yes, I could order a new Orbit, but I know it's somewhere in the storage locker, and even at $30 (plus shipping) it seems like a waste. Anyway, it looks like Goonswarm is doing just fine without me, so for now I'll just keep logging in every few days and updating my skills.

Time to go home by way of an eatery and a grocery. What with last night's overindulgence, I haven't really eaten yet today, but I don't think I'll have a problem restraining myself.
Tags: eve, food
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