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I know exactly how he feels

Cobb has a jones on for Halo 3. I don't blame him in the least: I badly want to know how the story ends, but not from some clip on YouTube. If I weren't in Enforced Minimal Spartan Living Mode right now I'd give serious thought to running out and getting an XBox 360, but even if I were to do something that stupid, where the hell would I put the console and the TV? Well, no big deal - the console and the game will certainly still be on the market when I eventually get a full-time job and a place of my own, and there'll be time enough to waste on it (and Bioshock) then.

Meanwhile, excitement will be overflowing at the ancestral digs tonight. After I do a little shopping for sandwich stuff on the way home (including some tuna) I'm going to settle down and do laundry. Woo woo.

There's a place in Alexandria off Route 1 south of the beltway I'd been curious about for some time, as in a few years. The Great Steak and Buffet Company turns out to be much like OCB, although I'm not sure where they keep the steak. Food is okay, though I really should have avoided the broccoli, to say nothing of dessert. The place is inexpensive, but I need to learn to control myself in buffets and not shovel down several platefuls of food just because I can. Also, more salad, less starches.
Tags: domestic stuff, food, games
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