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undecided now

Spent the day at work handling payment transfers, posting payments, faxing my HIPAA certificate to my new insurers so as to avoid the dreaded Pre-Existing Condition Gap, and buying a field jacket, which will no doubt show up just in time for an unseasonably warm October. Right now it's cool enough outside that I have to keep the truck windows mostly rolled up, otherwise it's too damn cold when I'm heading down the Interstate.

Speaking of which, Maryland and Virginia could do themselves a lot of good in the budget if they just took down the speed limit signs. All of them, except the ones on exit ramps, because nobody pays a goddamn bit of attention to them. People routinely buzz through 50 mph work zones at 60 or better, hit 80 on the straightaways, and anyone keeping to the speed limit is liable to get flattened by a semi or three. It takes some getting used to.

I was going to stay in tonight and maybe go to bed early (still kinda sleepy despite getting 10 hours last night) but I don't feel like cooking and there's no salad/sandwich fixings in the house anyway. Not even tuna fish. WTF? Maybe I'll go out and do something dim like order a Caesar salad at the Steakback Outhouse. Maybe I'll just go to McD's and get a Big Mac.

Stopped by Bojangles this morning on the way to work and grabbed a trio of biscuits: ham & egg, sausage & egg, and steak. They're pretty good. The ham is genuine peanut-fed Virginia ham, the sausage is hot sausage, and the steak is chicken-fried - which is actually not so great by my lights, but at least I know now. Coffee is tolerable, nothing great.

Currently reading: Dad's copy of The Revolution from Rosinante. Glad to see the dogs didn't get hold of his copies of the trilogy.