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biscuits and other priorities

Indicative of the day's events: getting my apazine printed & copied but forgetting my thumb drive at work; carefully scoping out the route to the Springfield Kinko's on Google and ADC maps, only to wind up circling it twice before finding a way in; visiting four separate post office stations (three of them with APCs) only to find that the USPS doesn't leave Priority Mail envelopes and stickers lying around where J. Random Customer can get at them after normal business hours. Fuckers.

Since I was out running around trying to mail out my apazine, I tried out Bojangles, which is kind of like Popeye's except that Bojangles has a humungous breakfast biscuit menu and Popeye's has shrimp. Anyway. The two are pretty even in the chicken & biscuit departments, with a slight edge to Popeye's since their chicken has never detonated when I bit into it and sprayed hot chicken fat all over my shirt. Additional bonus points to Popeye's for red beans & rice as well as Coke product (not offered at Bojangles, which is a Pepsi joint) offset by Bojangles' dirty rice, which I've never had before and was okay stuff. I'll check out the breakfast biscuit menu sometime.

Currently rereading: Megatokyo Volume 5.
Tags: domestic stuff, food
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