wombat_socho (wombat_socho) wrote,

lost in the back woods

I moved way too slowly this morning and didn't get anywhere close to the Waldorf MVA office, although I did rediscover my navigation skills when I got way out on Accokeek Road and ran into a sign informing me that one of the local bridges I was headed for was closed to all but local traffic. Tomorrow morning I'm getting up earlier and not wasting time checking mail, reading webcomics, etc. Still not sure how I'm going to get new plates/title/license when I don't have hardly any documentation to prove I'm living in the ancestral digs, but I guess I'll manage somehow.

David Wong does it again.
Yes, the man who brought you the monkeysphere explains why you have hundreds of online friends and still can't find anyone to hang out with, why your job sucks, and why you suck. (Does not apply to everyone on my friends list, obviously.)(Kathy Shaidle)

Riot grrl-turned-orthodox Catholic Kathy Shaidle moved her blog. Same snark, new address. Particularly worth reading is her rant about the New Frumpiness among Catholics.
Tags: domestic stuff, linkagery
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