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bowing to the inevitable

Well, I'd hoped to avoid this, but I don't see any way out of it. I'm going to move in with my mother, brother and niece Monday and lay low for a couple of months while waiting for my applications to percolate through the Civil Service and the various school districts I've applied to. Also for something better to turn up from Accountemps; their putting me on what amounts to a 3-day/week assignment is a big reason why I can't really think seriously about getting an apartment or even a room of my own. The numbers just don't work out.

While I'm living there, at least I can get the truck inspected and registered. The rest of what I wanted to do here will just have to wait a while. Maybe I'll get another trackball so I can at least play EVE in my off-hours.

In happier news, P introduced me to Angeethi, a really cool Indian place in Herndon. I'm not big on Indian food as a general rule (I ate very little of it while in Minnesota, iirc) but this was pretty good, if a little spendy by my lights.
Tags: domestic stuff, family drama, food
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