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it's not supposed to work like that

P and I went out for sushi, and in the course of it she ordered some really great sake. On being offered a taste, I stuck the very tip of my tongue into the Everclear-like fluid and agreed that the taste was indeed extremely delicate and possibly even nonexistent. That taste was a mistake. I don't know if it's because of the Claritin softab I did right before dinner -which banished my allergy symptoms, but may have sensitized me somehow- or because the diabetes meds were just taking up too much of my liver's processing capacity, but I was pretty seriously ripped by the time we left the restaurant*.

The ads in Target were more proof that ad copy writers are all hopelessly alienated from the English language, and possibly addicted to soft-core CP as well. What kind of person names a line of clothes for pre-teen girls "Libertine"? Augh, disgusting. Truly, as Inigo Montoya once said to the Sicilian, "That word...I do not think it means what you think it means." I say send the Party Van after them and let them explain it to the Authorities.

Anyway, P was convinced that I shouldn't drive home until I chilled for a while, which I did, reading a pretty good social history of railroads in America to kill time.

Not quite as weird as accidental drunkenness from nanodrinking, but still out there: Joel Garreau interviews William Gibson. (Instapundit)

Madeleine L'Engle is dead. I wonder how many kids got turned on to SF by A Wrinkle In Time? I know it's the first book I remember reading that was definitely SF. (Instapundit)

onsenmark's father is really sick and may be dying. Pray for him and the late Ms. L'Engle.

*Yes, this officially makes me the CHEAPEST DATE EVAR.
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