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The landscapes are changing

Got a reply already from one of the people advertising for roomies on rent.com, and I'm going to take a look at the place tomorrow. It's $550/month with all utilities included (including the all-important Internets), and unless one of the people advertising a room for $400-$500 pipes up with a better offer (or something goes horribly wrong tomorrow) I'm going to close this deal and start moving my stuff on Monday. We'll see what happens.

Otherwise, it's a pretty dull day. Took P to Union Station, which she'd never seen before; she was appropriately awed by the size and grandeur of the place (now that it's been cleaned up) and then headed out to Newington to get my timecard signed. That taken care of, I returned to the hotel and chilled, eventually devouring a couple of turkey sandwiches and a Cup Noodles Souper Meal (con sabor de pollo!) for lunch while browsing through Instapundit and some other blogs. Some articles of note:

Cafe Hayek wonders amusedly how the BLS will account for the rapid improvements in the iPod.

Tyler Cowen's had enough of your whining! Shut up about your iPhone already!

Don Luskin fisks Jonathan Chait's abysmally stupid TNR attack on supply-side economics. Yeah, I know, fish, barrel, etc. Further down, he looks at Orson Scott Card's support of new urbanism and includes a comment from a reader who points out that it's not working where it's already been tried, mostly thanks to zoning restrictions that choke off businesses.

Finally, if you didn't like my post about Priuses, you're not going to like this article about carbon offsets much better. That's right! Your eco-indulgences increase misery and poverty in the Third World! No wonder there's a lot of Brazilians and Indians pissed off at us.
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