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Got sent home after half an hour from Strayer since their IT department hadn't gotten me a login for their legacy mainframe system, but got paid for the full six hours anyway. Booya. The downside is that the job is only four days a week and lasts through the end of October. Well, what the hell; it gives me time to look for better jobs. In the meantime, I'm waiting for the one apartment place I seriously want to get back to me now that I've faxed my application in. It's possible having my last couple of landlords pissed off at me could put the kibosh on this, but there's nothing I can do about that.

Meanwhile, I see that most of the adjunct teaching positions in the community colleges require a Master's degree or 18 graduate credits in the subject area. Hrm. Maybe I'll be going back to school after all. Maybe the IRS will give me that job I always wanted with the secret police. :D

An observation that really belongs in the "things to think about" post: I don't notice how hot it is out here most of the time unless I'm stuck in traffic for a while. Most of the time I'm zipping around on the highways and byways, and only notice the heat when I come in out of it...at which point I can feel it radiating off me. Yow.