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Dead Piro Day

This is pretty neat. I can actually see Erika Hayasaka as Signy Mallory, but the other characters arre problematic...there's really no room for someone like Ping-chan in the Alliance/Union universe, with all those cloned azi running around the place.

I'm making progress on stuff around here. Tuesday it was laundry, yesterday it was attacking the shower stall and achieving declogulation of the drain, which has been running very slow for a few weeks now. It makes me uncomfortable to have inch-deep water sloshing around my feet in the shower. Today, I don't know...probably cleaning up the dining room and living room, since the dining room table has been submerged under a wave of paper again. I can't seem to get rid of the mail as fast as it comes in, despite throwing out all the junk mail except for the coupons...which I rarely use, so I guess those ought to go too.
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