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second thoughts on the career change...OK, third thoughts

Brenda had some very useful suggestions regarding my pursuit of a teaching career. She urged patience with PG and willingness on my part to consider a long-term substitute teaching assignment, or possibly take a job teaching in one of the local community colleges. These are all good suggestions, and I'm going to look into following up on them.

Checked out two of the local Rockville eateries today. The Lebanese Taverna was disappointing with regard to the shawarma, which was far too juicy, but P said the traditional mezza was good. For dinner we all went out to Cheeburger Cheeburger, whose burgers are indeed as good as Five Guys, and which does indeed serve Pepsi Pepsi. Their fries are actually better, since they aren't nearly as greasy although they're fried in peanut oil just like Five Guys. Extra points for the onion rings, which are excellent.
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