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*takes off MacArthur metamask*

Well...I'm in Virginia, laying over for a couple of nights at the Hampton Inn south of Dulles, and about to start hunting for an apartment and a job after touching base with family and friends. The apartment is the first priority - can't really do a lot of the things I need to do without a permanent address, and I have enough of a financial cushion that I can go for a while without a full-time job. Still, the sooner I'm working 9-5 again the happier I'll be.

Went out to dinner with P and RS at the Hard Times, and while the chili was as good as I remember, the onion rings were disappointing, almost completely missing the flaky breading I remember. :S

Tomorrow I'll swing by, see Mom and my niece (if she's not out working), maybe touch base with some other folks, and get started on applying for some jobs with the Feds. I'd still like to get a job teaching in PG County or Frederick County with a provisional license, but I have to face facts - if they haven't called by now, they probably aren't going to.
Tags: domestic stuff, food, teaching, work
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