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rocks and trees and trees and rocks and...WTF? Minnetonka?!?!

You know, from previous experience in these damned hills I should have realized that the estimate of three hours to get from Wheeling to the Canaan Valley Resort was hopelessly optimistic. Once I got off Interstate 68 and headed south to find US-219, it was alll 35 mph uphill and 60 mph downhills...and let's face it, the Sportage isn't really suited for these hills. There were a lot of uphill stretches where the speed limit was way above what I could hope to reach in third gear. Anyway, it just took forever to get through the hills and into the resort area...which evidently has a lot of lakes & rivers you can drive boats around on. Who knew? There's a lot of stretches of 219 that look like Minnetonka Highway around the lake; evidently Garrett County has become serious resort country for Washingtonians.

Anyway, what with driving through forty zillion little resort areas and towns in the middle of all the resorts, and overshooting the turnoff, I finally got to what I thought (thanks to Google) was the Canaan Valley Resort...only it wasn't. It was the Blackwater River Resort. FUCK YOU, GOOGLE! So after establishing that Carlos was in fact in the other resort, I crawled back out to WV-32 and zoomed off down the highway - and hit the brakes just in time to miss a six-point buck big enough to completely demolish the Sportage and everything in it including me. That woke me right up, which I needed since it was getting on toward midnight. To make an already long story short, I got into the lodge at 0030, half an hour after Carlos had given up on me and crashed for the night. Oh well. Woke him up, set up nose hose, chatted a bit, then slept like the dead until 0900.

Think I'll hit the pool a little later - the morning blood sugar was appallingly high, and I need to work that down a bit. It's possible that being out in the heat over the last few days has damaged the meds a bit, but there's nothing I can really do about that. I can be a little more careful about what I'm eating and the amount of exercise I'm doing.
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