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tending to bidness

Well, my distribution check finally posted to my account, a day late thanks to a server crash at the Evil Banking Neighbor, and I can deal with various bills that are long overdue. Like my taxes. I was also amused to see that a check I wrote last year for Arcana (presumably for this year's membership) was deposited today. Less amusing was that my morning blood sugar was over 250, most likely due to the medium deep dish pizza I had for a late dinner last night. Well, I should have walked that off by dinner time - or sweated it out, more likely, since it's supposed to hit 91 here in Dayton today while I'm running around finding cables and Waffle Houses and post offices so I can pay my Federal taxes. I suppose I could have used my plastic to pay the IRS online, but the notion of having to pay a fee to pay my taxes strikes me as just wrong.
Meanwhile, I can change my address online, but since I don't have a place in the DC area yet it seems kind of dumb to do that. Especially since I have to change my credit card address to conform to the new address first so that the USPS can validate the change. One more thing that has to wait until I stop being transient and get a real job again.

So. Waffle House is this way, Best Buy and Click Camera are over there, Wal-Mart is in the other direction completely, and the Post Office is nowhere near any of them. Of course. Well, first I'll finish my coffee, then I'll shower, suit up, do breakfast, get the cable, and download pix before I head off to the museum and shoot a bunch of new ones. Everything else can wait...including laundry, for there is an auto wash and laundry less than a mile from the hotel. Such convenience!

The USB cable for the Kodak C310, which I stupidly packed in my stupid box of cables, is apparently Proprietary and Unavailable Through Merely Mortal Retail Outlets. Fortunately, SD card readers are cheaper and widely available, so that's how I'm going to roll. God, I love America and its ginormous retail sector. There's at least five ways to do everything.
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