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Bagels = Death

I swear, I am going to write this on a Post-It Note and stick it to my bathroom mirror where I'll see it every morning before work. Every time I stop at Bruegger's and grab a couple of bagels for breakfast, my blood sugar gets hosed up for the entire day, and I need that like a fresh new hole in my head. Case in point: yesterday I grabbed the sausage, egg & cheddar on garlic and a cream cheese on pumpernickel. (Fresh from the oven, too...you wanna talk food porn, bubeleh? I got some steamy softcore right here.) I didn't go to lunch until 1 PM, and my blood sugar had still surged from 127 to 210. Two chili dogs, four hours and a quart of Diet Coke later, it was up again to 227. No, bagels are the evil, and I'll have to bid them adieu. I don't mind being stuck with needles, but I want to put off dealing with the insulin as long as possible. Half an hour after the cremation ought to be about right.
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