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another step closer

Got the Kia back today - the problem was a bent connector between the clutch and the transmission, along with a missing fuse box cover. They fixed all that and glued down the floor mat for about $160, which means I really need to watch my cash flow for the next few days.

So I guess it wasn't all that bright of me to pick up a copy of Tom Wolfe's Hooking Up, even with the B&N discount, or to stop at Peter's Grill for a piece of pie by way of saying goodbye. On the other hand, going downtown today did allow me to run into Laura at the IDS, so now I have her e-mail address on the laptop as well.

On the agenda tonight: Convergence programming handoff meeting at Diamonds and a blitz of the apartment to recover boxes, dirty laundry, and other stuff that needs to be recovered from there. You up for that, jamestrainor? It'll probably be about 2100 or so, depending on how late the Covnergence thing goes.

I also need to pop over to the Sprawl and get my regular glasses fixed at Lenscrafters. The screw's come out, and I'm relying on my emergency backups for now.
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