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Well, my last bus pass didn't sell on eBay, so I don't have to pay for using the bus & rail system this week. Murphy being Murphy, I expect this will lead to the Kia being repaired quickly and inexpensively tomorrow morning. :3

I slept long but not all that well last night - crashed around 10 PM after reading more of Burning Tower, slept until 0900 with more "urgh - is it time to get up yet? No? Rolling over now (thud)" moments. I'd thought about going over to the Sprawl for cheap breakfast at McD's, but inertia won and I had breakfast at the hotel restaurant again.

Today's plan is to get a GoPhone at the Sprawl's Radio Shack along with some necessary cables that got packed: I don't have either the download cable for my camera or the data cable for the external drive. This makes the external drive useless and the camera nearly so, so those issues need to be addressed. As for the GoPhone, the need for that should be pretty obvious. The Katana is unreliable and needs to be swapped out for a new/refurbed one by the factory, and in the meantime I need a functional phone.

Pretty good, but then I was expecting it to be. The main characters (Lord Sandry, Clever Squirrel, and the title character) were all children or minor characters in the first novel, as best I can tell, and they play interesting parts in an interesting story of exploration and danger set in what's obviously the American Southwest some 14,000 years ago, when there was still some big magic loose in the world. It's not a major spoiler to tell that the climax of the story takes place in Aztlan, which is awfully similar to the empire my ancestors helped topple in Mexico a few centuries back, and that it's not always good to be the king. If you liked The Burning City or Niven's Wizard stories you'll definitely want to pick this up.
I see that Niven also has a new collection of essays and miscellany out, Scatterbrain. Looks interesting.

Well, off to the Sprawl. Later.
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