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stranded on Saturday night

Well, that could have gone better. My phone is apparently dead again, I have no rental car, and as a result I'm holed up in my room at the Ramada bashing this out instead of congratulating danae and her new husband at their wedding reception. One must have the functional credit to rent a car, which I do not, so unless one of my friends with better credit than I can step forward to vouch for me, I'm liable to be chilling here tomorrow and Monday until the Kia is repaired.

I did make it to the StippleAPA collation.There had been plans to meet jolest and Jeanne for lunch before the collation, but the second death of the Katana shot those plans in the butt. So I caught the hotel shuttle to the Sprawl, the light rail to 46th Street, and the 84 bus to the Kinko's at Snelling & Grand. There I finished my apazine and printed it, after which I went back out to Snelling and sat my butt down to wait for an 84 back to Highland Park...when lo and behold, who pulls into the parking lot but jolest and Jeanne? They gave me a ride to the collation, where in addition to the new APA I also got more TX software from jolest and a couple of games from David Cargo. w00t! After the collation, J&J and I went to dinner at the Highland Cafe & Bakery, where Jeanne and I split a plate of samosas before digging into a Monte Cristo with onion rings (me) and an egg salad sandwich (Jeanne). Everything was most excellent, and I recommend it highly.

We then headed to Richfield, where I had hoped to rent a car from Advantage until the Sportage was ready, but this was doomed and full of fail. My credit card is maxed, rental agencies no longer accept debit cards from locals, and they wouldn't take Jeanne's Discover since she doesn't drive. So here I am. Think I'll read some more of Niven & Pournelle's Burning Tower and go to bed early.
Tags: drang nach osten, food, the bush of fandom

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