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I am not worthy

Thanks to everyone who made it to Chez stuckintraffik for my goodbye party tonight. Lauren made an assload of excellent Mexican food and artichoke dip, stuckintraffik made an awesome guacamole, and many other folks brought cool stuff too. I wish it hadn't taken me two decades to find most of you, but we'll always have LJ. ;_;

jamestrainor has done yeoman work helping me get my stuff out of my apartment, and for this Murphy rewarded him by having him present when the Kia failed this afternoon. Well, as soon as it's running again he'll inherit most of my pots, pans, dishes and silverware. I'm keeping a few forks and spoons.

I have a few boxes of stuff still at the apartment but I don't expect anyone to mess with it until I have the truck and can deal with it next week. We'll see how that plan goes...thanks to the Evil Banking Neighbor taking forever to free up my distribution and insistence on sending me the check via USPS instead of just wiring it into my account with them, I may well be here until next Friday. Interesting times.
Tags: drang nach osten, family drama, friends
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