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screaming wouldn't help

No PIN number in the mail today either. I guess I'll find out tomorrow whether it actually got mailed or somebody dropped the ball at HR. This is, of course, assuming that I can actually get a replacement phone tomorrow, which depends entirely on what my last paycheck is going to look like.

Movers will be here between 7 and 8 AM tomorrow. I'm going to grab a sandwich, do dishes, and pack the kitchen stuff. Then I think I'll clear the desk and pack up the computer; from now until I get settled in wherever, it'll be laptop time.

UPDATE: As if I wasn't having enough fun already, the super came up to remind me that I need to have the rent for this month to him tomorrow morning or they're going to file an Unlawful Detainer order on me. WTF? I'M MOVING OUT TOMORROW YOU SPHINCTERS! JESUS X. CHRIST!
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