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another ferox goes boom

I slept in until 11 AM today, and I think my feet appreciated it.
Then I sat down to soak the feet and play some internet spaceships.

Woke up in 66-PNM today, where an op was underway to blow up one of BoB's POS that would be coming out of reinforced this afternoon. There were a little less than 200 of us in system, about 100 Bobbits, and the rest of the ~200 folks in local were French from Tau Ceti Federation or Russians (either Reds - who are actually mostly Ukrainian - or United Legion) so in retrospect it wasn't too surprising that they didn't try to mess with our target practice. Even though they still have at least two Titans, their fear of having a buttload of Russian, French and Goon dreads hotdrop on them makes them really reluctant to bring them into battle now that everybody knows they can be bubbled and killed. So we had an uneventful afternoon shotting pos, interrupted only by two Bobbits who didn't get the message that we were blowing up their POS (they were webbed, scrammed and melted almost immediately when they appeared) and Tolon's irritated cursing of the cowardly Bobbits for not coming out and fighting for their POS.

After the POS blew up we then blew up all the guns floating around near it, which took damn near as long as the POS since the stupid autocannons and lazors all have at least as much structure as they do shields & armor combined. Then we chilled out until the UNL POS came on line and cheered because that POS will put the system into UNL sovereignty after downtime on Wednesday. I got blown up later, when we were gate-camping the 7-8 gate (where we nailed a couple more BoB pilots, including Princess Aricia who is damn near as bad at PVP as I am) and I got caught hanging out 69k from the gate. One minute I'm just sitting there watching the gate and then WHAM. Ship melts, pod melts, and then a couple seconds later I wake up in 77s. No big deal. I got the Ferox for 25MM anyway, which means it only cost me 1MM after the insurance payout, and the modules were all t1 gear. w00t! Ended the game day running back to 1v in a Condor and throwing more ammo in the cooker. The Projectile M must flow!

Aside from that, it's been a pretty lazy day. I'm going to spend the rest of it picking up papers, packing up some of the bedroom stuff I won't need right away out there (like, excess T-shirts, books, that sort of thing) and generally getting things ready for the first packing party tomorrow. (No swimming, though. Not nearly hot enough for that.) If you're coming to help pack tomorrow night, please leave a comment so I have some idea how many of you to expect, okay? Also, let me know if you're bringing a tape gun so I know how many rolls I need to pick up.
Tags: domestic stuff, drang nach osten, eve
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