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It's me. I'm that guy.

The test this morning went okay in spite of no breakfast, no coffee, and no water until about halfway through the test when I went down to the MCTC cafeteria and spent $1.50 on a bottle of Dasani. There weren't too many questions I didn't feel good about, and most of the listening portion was a slam-dunk. We'll see if all this overconfidence is warranted when the results come in next month. It was pretty weird being the only one taking the test, though; between that and a rookie proctor I got out half an hour early after burning through the last two parts of the test.

I'm really tempted to go back to bed, but I think what I really need to do is wash up, do a real breakfast, and then head over to Diversicon.
So tired, though.

UPDATE: Diversicon's not happening for me today. Too damn tired. Sorry, materia_indigo; I really was looking forward to the panels, but I really have to crash.