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delays en route

Well, that could have gone better. For some reason, nobody I talked to in HR during the weeks leading up to my resignation from the Evil Banking Neighbor mentioned to me that I needed to renew my 401k PIN. Maybe they did and I was already too sick for it to register...in any case, instead of getting the cash from that account early next week, it'll now be arriving later in the week, which could screw things up. I'll just take it a day at a time and try to conserve cash as best I can; worst case, I have to push everything back a couple days while I wait for the distribution check and stock certificate to arrive.

I did need the new shoes, though. Stopped at Schuler Shoes this afternoon and picked up a new pair of New Balance cross-trainers to replace the current pair, which I've hung onto for way too long already. I need to remember to trash these when the insides of the heels start to go.

So. Out for laundry and then bed, for I have a Praxis test in the morning.
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