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friday morning footcare update

What with spending most of my time talking about sickness and all the ills that flesjh is heir to, y'know?

So yeah - first order of business this morning was to soak off the bandages on my toes per the doctor's orders. They actually look surprisingly good, but I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since I spent most of yesterday flat on my back letting the antibiotics work. Soaking and rebandaging will continue until next Thursday when I see Dr. Werkhoven again, but if the way they look this morning is any indication, these toes ought to be all squared away by the time I hit the road.

Didn't do much yesterday. Stayed in bed and read C.J. Cherryh's Merchanter's Luck when I got tired of Drake & Stirling's The Steel. Played some Civ III. Slept a lot. Today needs to be different - I have some shopping I need to do, things around the apartment that desperately need tending to, and most of all I need to go to bed early since I have my Spanish Praxis II tomorrow morning at MCTC. Hopefully none of the panels I have with materia_indigo are on Saturday morning...

..oh yeah, speaking of health issues, behold the LOLcat of Death! (Rachel)
Tags: medical stuff, teaching, the bush of fandom
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