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not the good night's sleep I was looking for

Ah, this sucks. Saw my regular masseuse last night, got my back and shoulders back to 100% after this weekend's move...and then screwed it all up by getting a gallon of milk and a printer at the Wal-Mart. Apparently trying to get those up the stairs messed up my back, and on top of that I had fever and chills all night. The combination was good for making me wake up about once an hour, and when I finally got up at 0800 I was super wobbly, almost falling over a couple of times. Good thing I'm going to see the doctor one last time this morning.

Depending on whether I need to have fun with Keflex this afternoon, I'll either be cleaning the place up and making bread while filling out applications online, or be collapsed in bed watching the 300 DVD. That movie is chock-full of win and awesome.

UPDATE Fun with Keflex (and a shot of Rocephin for an appetizer) it is. Think I'll skip the movie, set my alarm, and crash for the afternoon, since if I don't my body is going to make me do it anyway.
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