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Fourth floor? I thought it was on the FIRST floor!

Very productive staff meeting this afternoon, with about 30 folks on hand including Kelly & Patrick's new baby, which was immediately signed up for ten hours of badging (HHOK!) The official start was delayed when I got there early and nobody was upstairs; we occupied 150 and then went upstairs at 1:30 when Brian came downstairs looking for us and informed us that everyone was upstairs in 410. Still no contract from the hotel, and their slowness in this matter has convinced me that we might as well start talking to the Sheraton Bloomington for next year. Jayson showed off the new video cases (ooh, aah!), our new guest Jonathon Klein was announced, and other business was discussed. Emily was reminded that she'd expressed interest in assisting with the dealer's room, shrieks of horror ensued, but I think we'll be able to get her cracking on that. Rick can use an assistant. Our exchange of room parties with Minicon 40 was announced, the possibility of running their anime/video room likewise, though the board will have to meet and talk about whether AD/ATC wants to sponsor that.

Meeting dates for September were chosen so as not to conflict with Joella & Karl's wedding on 9/11 or Anime Iowa the weekend following, which is to sat Sunday 9/12 and Saturday 9/25.

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