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missed communication

Couple more rejections from Fairfax County principals in the e-mail this morning. I'm definitely in a better mood to deal with that this morning than I was last night. Somewhere between the moving consultant appointment in the morning and arriving home yesterday I managed to misplace my phone. Hopefully it's in the Kia. Anyway...time to go pick up jamestrainor and head over to Le Demesne jxxtan to help her and pkat move. Breakfast on the way, probably at BK.

Laundry tonight, maybe some socializing. Maybe internet spaceships. I kind of feel the need to blow shit up.

UPDATE: jamestrainor was up all night and could not be moved, but at least I found my phone. Under my desk chair. *facepalm*

UPDATE 2: This mix of Jason & the Scorchers, Pat Benatar, and Metallica is sho' nuff some strange shit.
Tags: domestic stuff, family drama, friends, music, teaching
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