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"Remember, X is a variable."

Well, that was eight dollars well spent. qob and the rest of the Rakehell put on a good show at the Bedlam tonight; X Shakespeare Plays In X Minutes was a good combination of parody, stand-up comedy, geek references (there were at least six changes rung on Hamlet) and an occasional reference to the works of that great Klingon playwright, William Shakespeare.

Of course between the play and hanging around afterward to chat with tjstriker and the cast, I didn't get home until a few minutes ago, which means no invitations sent out tonight. So I'll do it tomorrow. That sounds like a pretty good idea to me!

Another moving company rep is coming by in the morning to give me an estimate; the one who was supposed to be here after work phoned it in this afternoon and didn't impress me a damn bit. That fellow may have quoted me the lower of the two prices I've heard so far, but he didn't listen very well and made some pretty questionable assumptions, which I didn't care for. Anyway, tomorrow will be my last day at work, ending a little early and finishing with a happy hour/dinner at Ike's. I've got most of my stuff out already, but I'll take the Sportage in tomorrow so I can pick up some paper boxes for the move as well as remove the last of my stuff - about half a box worth of coffee cups, water bottles, and miscellaneous stuff. Right now it's time for bed, since 0600 comes entirely too early.
Tags: drang nach osten, the bush of fandom, work
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