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plans coming together and other optimistic bs

The estimator from Berger (one of the local Allied Van Lines affiliates) showed up this morning bright and early, looked at the piles of boxes and stacks of books, and quoted me a price of about $3500 for the move. About a third of this is labor and packaging costs for boxing up all this stuff, which makes me think I ought to call a packing party for August 8 - just me, some friends, some tape guns, and a lot of cardboard boxes. I don't think the other movers are going to be too far off from that price, but we'll see what they say. Still need to get Merry Maids or somebody to come over next week (or the week of the move) and help me get the place cleaned up.

I am drafting the invites for the farewell party to be held on the 10th. I'm not posting the details here, because I'm not inviting everyone on my f-list. Some of you live out of town and, frankly, some of you in town qualify more as acquaintances and co-workers than friends. That's right: It's my party and I'll snub who I want to*. The job is slightly complicated by the fact that I have -broadly speaking- two sets of friends who don't intersect that much, which means if I'd delegated the invites to stuckintraffik or jolest's SO, some people would be left off the list, and that would be bad. I expect to have the invitations in peoples' e-mail boxes by tomorrow morning, the intarwebs willing.

Tonight I'm having another estimator over and then running downtown to catch the Rakehell crew in performance at the Bedlam Theater. You ought to come too - it's only $8 with your Convergence badge or the coupon.

*Yes, this is a Bored of the Rings reference, but unlike Dildo Bugger I am not celebrating my departure with crates of army surplus explosives. Lauren would be Very Unhappy, and this would be Bad.
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