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The stars my destination

I was poking around online looking for something that would keep me from having to do all the star maps for a Traveller campaign by hand and stumbled across Heaven and Earth, which looks like a dream come true for SF/gamer fans like yours truly. The program allows you to generate maps of entire sectors with world profiles, trade lanes, notes and a whole pile of other stuff you'd want for your campaign. It was apparently developed back in the days when Traveller was all little black books and whatever SF story universe you wanted to recreate with it, before GDW got all wrapped up in the Third Imperium universe.
I'm looking forward to doing some extensive system-tweaking in support of an alternate history for Traveller, one that splits from the Official Traveller Universe during the Nth Interstellar War. Instead of a futile attempt to prop up the First Imperium, my timeline proposes that Terra and the Vegans allow it to collapse under the weight of Vilani cultural sclerosis, Vargr invasions, and Terran diseases spreading like plague through populations that have no immunity to measles, boy bands, tuberculosis, idol singers, and similar infectious annoyances. I also want to do a map for the Space Viking campaign I've been threatening to do for a few decades now...we'll see how this all works out. In my copious free time, of course.
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