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waiting for the man

Going to be a lot of that this week as various moving company reps drop by the apartment to tell me how badly I'm going to get screwed for moving an assload of books and some kitchen/bedroom/office stuff to the Undisclosed Location in Virginia. (Speaking of which, P, I may just front you the money to get the UL and take it over when I get there so we can avoid all the legal BS.)

I need to send out some invitations but I need to talk to stuckintraffik first. That goes on today's list.

So much to be done - it's a good thing I have next week off, but it sometimes seems like it's all happening right now. I got my eye exam last night and some surprisingly good news - my distance vision has improved and whatever was going on with my right eye has gone away. Yay. New lenses for the regular glasses, so I don't have to look through the lenses that got dinged up last year at AI any more, but much suffering from the dilation as usual. OMG, I could see the monitor strobing when I checked mail last night, and that's not good. Also got some reassurance on how to carry guns in the Kia, which I was worried about since some of the states I'm going through aren't real big on the Second Amendment, the commie fascist bastards. Today, lab work at the clinic, some cleaning when I get home tonight, and maybe, just maybe, some internet spaceships for relaxation.
Tags: drang nach osten, medical stuff
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