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The meme of six

Ganked from Cobb:

Six people I want to flatter me.
Nobody; I have the respect of the people I give a damn about, and that's good enough for me. I've had my rock star moment after being beaten down, and since I know my Kipling I realize they're both the same, really.

Six unbreakable habits of mine
Showering in the morning.
Shaving in the shower.
I'd probably be better off if I had more.

Six qualities of my worst enemy
I'm pretty much enemy-free at the moment. :)

Six favorite parts of town
Downtown Minneapolis business district
West Bloomington
The Mac-Groveland neighborhood in St. Paul
Midway Stadium
The ThunderbirdRamada Inn Mall of America
Best Western Bandana Square
Lot of good memories made in the last two places.

Six songs that make me cry
Ha, ha, nice try. Okay, but no explanations.
Allman Brothers - Midnight Rider
Jason & the Scorchers - Somewhere Within
Bruce Springsteen - No Surrender
Metallica - Master of Puppets
Peter Gabriel - Secret World
U2 - Bad
Actually, if I'm in the wrong headspace, any of the songs off this list will set me off.

Six dreams that keep repeating
Don't have any of those, sorry.
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