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quiet Friday night

Well, I've started getting some feedback from the applications I've sent in, even if they're mainly along the lines of "LOL n00b, fill out our paperwork on our website, kthxbye", but at least people are paying attention to what I'm sending out. I guess I'll take part of my "work" time next week to print out those applications and send them along; I learned years ago that when dealing with bureaucrats one must give them the paper they want or one will fail massively, and I do not intend to fail.

I thought about going over to the Sprawl and taking part in all the Harry Potter madness, but I'm already $200 into my last paycheck as it is. It'll still be on sale when payday rolls around, I'll still get an additional 10% of that already ludicrously low price, and after waiting this long, what's another week? Besides, I'm reading C.J. Cherryh's Exile's Gate at the moment, which more than satisfies my minimum daily requirement for doom-laden angst.
The deciding factor, of course, is that I'm pretty tired after all the alarums & excursions this week, and it strikes me as a good idea to hit the rack early so I'll be well-rested for what promises to be a busy weekend.
Tags: books, teaching, the bush of fandom
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