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(Kein Mitlied fur die Kunstlerin, after KMFDM)

I'm not much given to proffering advice to people who don't want it, especially when experience has shown that they 1) won't take it and 2) eventually come to resent the fact that you keep trying to help them when they don't want help. However, as a Southerner, I have a weakness for lost causes, trucks, country music and strong women, and so I'm going to indulge myself in the pages of my own LJ.

Today I'm responding to an LJ post by a friend of mine, who is depressed, sick/injured and can't seem to figure out what's gone wrong with their life. Well, as Bill James once said about someone undergoing similar cognitive dissonance, I'm sorry, but it's just not physically possible to get your head that far up your ass. My friend, you know what the problem is. Other people besides myself have told you very clearly and explicitly in your native language what the problem is. You just adamantly refuse to face the fact that you are not, in fact, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, or the editor of Cosmo. You cannot have it all and do it all. YOU ARE OVERLOADING YOUR ASS, AND YOUR ASS IS NOW BROKE.

You know what you need to do. You just need to swallow your damn pride and admit that you have limits. That you cannot, in fact, bash away at 3.867953412 jobs on four hours sleep for months on end while maintaining some semblance of a social life and working yourself back into shape. Not even Special Forces snake-eaters and insane swamp-crawling Rangers push themselves like that for that long, because it is a documented fact that when they do get pushed that hard for that long they BREAK and you need to take the guns and sharp objects away from them before they go off in the wrong direction. I'm not worried about you killing the wrong people or breaking the wrong things, because that's not your line of work. I am, however, concerned that you might kill yourself through blind stupid stubbornness. You need to find something you can afford to let drop, and drop it. Maybe several somethings, no matter how fun they appear to be, because they are eating your life and making you sick and fucking up your relationship with your SO, which is extra double-plus ungood, but you know that already.

Quit fucking around. Do what you know must be done.
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