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playing catch-up

Drove in to work today, partially because I was running late this morning and partially because I wanted to stop off at St. Mary's and get a copy of my transcript. Got that done, but it's on a pale red watermarked paper that probably won't scan too well. We'll see how that works.

The EVE meet last night was fun; despite the fairly short notice, thaadd managed to pull together 11 people at the Wilde Roast Cafe; there probably would have been more Goons there if they hadn't been spooked by the fact that it's a "gay coffeehouse". Which says something about Minnesota Goons...nothing weird about a group of five guys going to see a movie about half-naked Greeks in leather, but going to a coffee shop named for Oscar Wilde? Scary! (LOL) Anyway, a good time was had by all, not too many catchphrases driven into the ground, and I guess we'll be doing it again at Psycho Suzi's. The local Goons want to do something at Nye's next Friday...figures that my social calendar would start filling up in the month before I leave. *rolls eyes*

Short meeting with supervisor who presented me with a short list of things she wants done tomorrow and Monday. Found out that I have two days of PTO left, which I'll be happy to cash in.

Tonight there WILL be laundry done. I got groceries taken care of last night after dropping jamestrainor off on the way home from the meetup, (spending $8 on various berries in the process, wtf?) but at that point it was after 11 PM and too late for laundry. This week I'm going to triage all the T-shirts and underwear with holes, throw them out, and just wash the stuff I'm going to keep, which ought to cull the T-shirt herd significantly.
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