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Just the way you're standing says it all

Spent most of my weekend after yesterday's Detour meeting and expedition to Mystic Lake either hanging out with jamestrainor, playing EVE, or sleeping. This was probably not the most constructive way I could have spent my weekend, but meh. I have the rest of the weeknights to spend on laundry, dishes, garbage, etc., and given the way my legs have been vexing me of late, apparently I needed the sleep.

Except for Wednesday, which will be spent hanging out with fellow Goonfleet members and some cool pubbies at the Wilde Roast.

With that exception, I do need to set some long skills and buckle down to the task of disposing of all the crap I don't want to ship out East, and there are bags and bags of it, God knows. It needs doing sooner rather than later, since next month at this time I plan to be on the road with all this stuff either thrown out or packed up. I also need to take some time at work and reformat my resume, talk Rachel the admin into scanning some things into PDF files for me (or getting it done at Kinko's) and order my transcript from St. Mary's. Perhaps most crucially, I need to figure out why all the jobs on the Virginia DoE website that should be showing up in my list of openings on teachers-teachers.com aren't, because this is glitching up my applications flow.
Tags: domestic stuff, drang nach osten, eve, family drama, teaching
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