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Only dogs have their day

And now a few words about Convergence...

It was okay. Not great. chebutykin's Monster Mayhem dealie (formerly known as The Evil Plan) came to fruition and it was worth playing hooky from my last hour of duty Saturday night to see. Both my panels went well, partially because stuckintraffik is a better panelist than he gives himself credit for and partially because we had really good audiences for both the MMORPG panel and the Lovecraft panel. Other than that, and some of the parties on Friday, I didn't really see much of the convention. This is partially my fault for holing up in Programming Ops for a good part of the weekend, but I felt it incumbent on me to give thaadd maximum slack WRT going to panels and taking party time, since she did the lion's share of the work beforehand. All I had to do was be an obnoxious stonewalling fuck at the end when the deadline loomed, and put together the subhead schedule. The former isn't exactly work for me and the latter wound up largely being improvised; many shifts were filled by phoenixalpha. Thanks, P. I really do appreciate it.

I don't want to go into too much detail regarding my foul mood yesterday. Suffice it to say that the convention ended too suddenly from my POV. I didn't feel like there was any kind of closure, more like I went to bed early Monday morning (0300) and when I got up at 0900 it was all over but packing up my shit and checking out of the hotel - and that was express checkout. Also, I had some expectations about Convergence. Those started coming apart a few months before the convention when I made the decision to move east and not come back as co-head for 2008, but even after all the years I spent working as a temp, I should have known better than to think this was going to be different. Well, it was. It was worse. Next time I sign on as a hired gun for somebody's convention I won't have those expectations, but that next time won't be here.

There was enough work to keep me busy most of the day, even though I felt pretty apathetic about doing it.
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