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Dumb, but perhaps inevitable

I had picked up a large jug of Arizona Green Diet Tea (with ginseng and Splenda, woop woop*) at Wal-Mart last time I was there, and drank most of it last night. You can guess when I got to bed. At least I managed to get over to James' place and pick up seven boxes of P's books, which I had originally intended to sort out today, but between rising at about 1400 today and the rainstorm that hit around 1800, that didn't happen. I spent the day doing dishes, picking up trash around my computer desk, making bread, and distractedly running missions in Eve with my alt character while reading William Wu's Masterplay and Joel Rosenberg's Not Quite Scaramouche. I really should have started with Not Exactly The Three Musketeers, but this one was actually on the shelves in the living room, and yeah, I was lazy today.

redmartel dropped by for a visit on his way to pick somebody up at the airport. I was sorry to disappoint him with my lack of grilling, but it occurred to me after he left that not only is the charcoal buried under two boxes of books in the boot of the Kia, I have no idea where the Aim & Flame is. Anyway, we had a nice talk and will probably be getting together sometime after Convergence to do some gaming. No, really.

Since I was zooming around playing internet spaceships I didn't spend a whole lot of time thinking about the essay on national culture & character I was talking about in my last post. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week when I'm back in the boring routine of work.

Tomorrow's going to be busy. Hopefully I'll manage to do all the things I want to want to do, aside from the things that need doing. Odds are good that if I stay up a whole lot longer, that won't happen. ~_^

*Although I wish I'd known that ginseng doesn't go well with some of my diabetes meds. Who knew?
Tags: culture w/o politics, domestic stuff
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