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Weekend minus one hour and counting...

I took Thursday, Friday and next Monday off for Convergence, though I won't actually be at the hotel until 3 or 4 PM Thursday. The rest of Thursday will be spent packing, getting my hair cut, doing laundry, and getting a copy of my transcript from St. Mary's so I can scan it and upload it to teachers-teachers.com along with my Metro State transcript when that comes in (probably sometime next week). I really shouldn't have put it off this long and hope it doesn't screw me out of any jobs.

I don't have any plans for the Fourth. On the other hand, I do have three pounds of bratwurst (three different species, not one 3-pound box) in the fridge and a 12-pack of Diet Rite left over from Claycon, so I may just go out behind the apartment, fire up one of the grills, and burn me some pork tubes. Folks are welcome to join me, and if you have something going on that me and my bratwurst would be welcome at, well, that'd be cool too.

I read this Jonah Goldberg column and it got the gears going in my head. I'm not done thinking about it quite yet. It fits in with some things I'd been thinking about for a while regarding American cultural identity and some things I've been reading in Paul Johnson's A History of the American People. Maybe I'll post something tomorrow. (Instapundit)

The mix CD I burned of dance/electronica tunes didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, mainly because the Salubrious Invertebrae CD is a bit damaged, but also because the different styles of music (Apollo 440, Crystal Method, EBN, Add N to (X), and Salubrious Invertebrae) don't mesh as well as I thought they might, so there's some jarring transitions. It seems to do best when I set the CD drive to "random".
Tags: convergence, culture w/o politics, domestic stuff, drang nach osten, music
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