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I fail at pop culture, even among geeks.

Ganked from michaellee.

Bold those shows where you've seen every episode.

Bold italics for shows you really liked but you haven't seen some of the episodes.

Italics for those shows where you've seen episodes, and are kind of *meh* about what you saw.

Underlined Italics if you only saw a few episodes and liked what you saw.

Strikeout those shows where you've seen episodes, but didn't like it.

Leave the text as is for shows you haven't seen.

30) Strangers with Candy
29) Absolutely Fabulous
This is a pretty uneven show, imao. Some episodes are gut-bustingly funny and others are just painful to watch.
28) Stargate SG-1
27) H.R. Pufnstuf
26) Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
25) Firefly
24) Twin Peaks
23) Dark Shadows (original)
My mother doesn't like horror, but she was riveted to the screen for this one, and she didn't care if I watched.
22) Doctor Who
21) Freaks and Geeks
20) The Avengers
Diana Rigg. In leather. Hell yeah. Yes, I know, Patrick MacNee, Honor Blackman, bla bla, woof woof. Whatever. DIANA RIGG FTW.
19) Quantum Leap
18) Veronica Mars
17) Beauty and the Beast
16) Babylon 5
Missed most of the first season. Well, actually, no I didn't (because nobody chews the scenery like Bruce Boxleitner) but I didn't see the eps.
15) Family Guy
I really don't get what people see in this, but that's okay.
14) Battlestar Galactica (2003)
I hear there's some really cool toasters in this version, c/d?
13) Mystery Science Theater 3000
12) Pee-Wee's Playhouse
11) Jericho
10) Xena: Warrior Princess
9) Twilight Zone
8) The Simpsons
7) The Prisoner
6) Monty Python's Flying Circus
5) Lost
4) Farscape
3) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
I missed episodes here and there...one of my goals for retirement is to take a week or two and just run through all seven seasons.
2) The X-Files
Just as uneven as AbFab, with more unintentional humor. Too bad the final seasons were such dreck.
1) Star Trek: TOS
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