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It's just like Orwell said

They're not neutral, they're on the other side. StrategyPage notes an odd coincidence between WW2 Japanese propaganda and the current MSM take on the Iraq war. Maybe not so odd. Your call.

Up until 0130 this morning with jamestrainor over at Claycon Part Deux getting killed at UT2004. I could probably develop some decent skill at it (or at least attain the same level of mediocrity I've reached in HALO) but this is just for fun and I don't play it often enough to spend a lot of time and effort on it. We'll be going back over tonight for more of the same.

Today's pretty much a wasted/leisure day...I thought about going out to the Park Tavern for the get-together mentioned here, but eventually blew it off...I don't really know any of those people, don't really have time to get to know them, and this year I'm just a casual fan. It would have boiled down to spending the afternoon in a bar with a bunch of strangers watching the Twins, and there's bars closer to home I can do that in, I guess.
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