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miscellaneous notes

Murphy's Law being what is is, I went out and bought a couple of small fans (actually, the Honeywell's pretty sizable for a table fan) earlier in the week, and the next day temperatures eased off from the 90s to the low 80s.

It's a short week at work for me next week - I'm in Monday and Tuesday, off the 4th, and then taking three days' PTO for Convergence so that I don't have to be back at work until the 10th. Still thinking about when I want to giev missilenotice.

Apparently Goons took the station in 9-9 back yesterday in an epic fight involving our French and Russian allies that slaughtered dozens of enemy battleships across three systems.

BOB (and FINFL) were assaulting jv1, our key four-moon system in Tenerifis, early on a Thursday, presumably hoping to get a reinforced timer during the weekend when they could poopsock to the max to finish it off. They knocked three of four towers down below 50% shield, which is the point where you can no longer adjust stront to change the reinforced timer. The idea is to keep the shields below 50% for hours so that the reinforced time that someone has picked drifts off into something more like BOB primetime and then knock them below 25% to activate reinforced mode. BOB used a fairly large capital fleet combined with a gate camp on the m-r gate in jv1.

However, after the third tower was below 50%, BOB must have been a bit worried about the state of their address books, since at that point RA and AAA* had rallied a serious fleet waiting to jump into jv1, and we and TCF were forming up in 77s. So their dreads never came back for a fourth round and BOB instead decided to use Chowdown** to jumpbridge battleships in to shoot the towers (which by then had their guns disabled) to try to keep the them below 50% and perhaps eventually put them in reinforced. It would have taken them ages, though, since our hardeners were still online.

So GS and TCF*** merrily jumped into 9-9, bubbled the m-r gate to keep BOB in, and we started shooting the station, which after a while led to BOB trying to bust back in and getting slaughtered. They couldn't use Chowdown to jumpbridge out of jv1 or m-r, because neither system had a BOB POS where he could sit safe while immobilised from the jump bridge.

Aside from AAA/RA who scared off BOB, TCF was a key factor last night, providing all the right things at the right time -- lots of battleships, a large bubble on the gate as soon as we jumped into 9-9 and just the guts to take the initiative and decide to engage when we half expected to get desynced as soon as BOB jumped into us.

Goonswarm kudos to DS1**** who came busting in with carriers right as the node was beginning to recover just a little and started repairing POSes and guns while handing out fighters to Fry's gang who kept on raping the BOB fleet lured back into jv1 by the prospect of carrier kills.

In conclusion,
nync: bob got owned
nync: mission objective: failed
nync: fleet objective: owned
Anders Widebrant: All in their own primetime
nync: yep, with pet help

*Against All Authorities. Anarchist Russians, part of the "Southern Federation", allied with us against BoB.
**One of BoB's Titan pilots. Aside from the "I Win" button, Titans have the ability to set up a jumpbridge to allow friendly ships to move into other systems as if there was a jumpgate.
***Tau Ceti Federation. French alliance; our neighbors to the south in Wicked Creek and our allies.
****DarkStar1, a member corp of the Swarm that tends to specialize in capital ships, especially and carriers.

I missed out on this because I was at the wrong end of the 0-w > 77s pipe trying (and failing) to get past a gatecamp. Another day, another Ferox. :(

Other than that, it's been a quiet week. No plans for this weekend or the 4th; I may just take it easy and hang around the apartment unless something turns up. Especially since I need to clean this place up some before I decamp to the Sheraton for Convergence. Not too many things worse than coming back to an overheated apartment where the ecch in the sink has had time to mutate into an intelligent and hostile life form, to say nothing of the pizza boxes.

So, yeah, Chanur's Legacy. I think last week I referred to this as Pride of Chanur: The Next Generation, which is more than a little unfair since Cherryh has never written anything as mindlessly optimistic and utopian as Roddenberry's ST:TNG universe, especially not in the Compact universe that Pyanfar Chanur and her crew navigated through. You talk about your Hobbesian war of all against all, it's right there in that tetraogy, kids. Anyways, Chanur's Legacy is about Hilfy Chanur, captain of the eponymous ship, and even before she takes on a special courier job for the Stationmaster of Meetpoint she's not a happy camper. Hani politics, Compact politics, interspecies romance, her aunt the Personage (and mekt-hakkikt, let us not forget, because the kif certainly don't) and a stray male hani she bails out of jail at the stationmaster's gentle insistence all combine to weave an extremely tangled web that makes Hilfy a most unhappy hani. Cherryh's writing style of letting the reader know only what her protagonist (and other major characters) know makes for a very edgy and suspenseful novel as Hilfy and the reader both try to puzzle out WTF is going on with the mysterious package and passenger she's been commissioned to deliver. Good read, well worth the $7.99 especially since it has the final novel of the first Chanur series (Chanur's Homecoming) included with it.
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